How I Work

I tend to get inspired by other people's music. If I'm not listening to music then I won't be making music. It's the feeling of wanting to create something as good as what I've heard and say that I'm the one that's made it. When I hear a track I really like, I get inspired and would try to produce something that sounds like the track I heard. That is how I end up exploring many genres. Because I listen to many genres, I end up trying to replicate all of them myself. I think that is a good thing because it broadens my skills in music productions. If an artist is stuck on producing one genre all the time then they won't experience what other genres have to offer. Some people can argue that being a master at one is better than being a jack of all trades. I feel like being a jack of all trades first is important in the process of learning music production. Once you’ve gotten a feel of every genre then I think it is a good idea to focus on one. By doing this, you can use the skills you've learned from other genres to implement them into your own style of music. 

One thing I've learned that made me improve in music production significantly is trying to replicate a song you really like. I don't really do this anymore but I remember when I was starting out, I tried to recreate some of my favorite songs. I don't even try to put a twist to it or change it in a way that turns into my style. I'm trying to replicate the song exactly one to one, as close to the original as possible. Since I'm doing this for my own benefit to gain experience I don't care what other people think because the use of these tracks is only for personal gain. I've gone through my old projects of trying to copy music that I really like and realized that the projects get closer and closer to the original songs I'm trying to copy. I then use the technique and skills I used to make those tracks to create something of my own. I think this is a technique that is really good for people that are starting to produce music. 

There are many ways I start out my tracks. Usually, the chorus ends up being the section that I produce first. Sometimes I create a nice intro that leads to a creation of a whole song. In fact, the track ‘Welcome’ in my EP was produced starting from the intro. When I create my chorus first I usually do that with a bass that leads into the creation of my leads and melodies and then chords last. However, I’ve realized that starting with the chords first is so much easier since I can use those chords to make the melody and bass. Once the chords, bass, and lead have been made, I follow through into producing the midsection and into the second chorus. After that, I start filling in each ends of the track. That is usually how I work and get through my tracks.