LEague of Legends concept album

League of Legends. A video game we either hate or love. If you do love the game, you probably actually hate it deep inside.  However, no matter how much you find yourself trash-talking the game, you still end up pressing that ‘Find Match’ button at the end of the day. You hate the game. You want to quit but you can't… because you're addicted. Don't worry, so are the rest of the 2 million players playing daily.  

I've been playing League of Legends for around 5 years now and personally I think it's 5 years too long. Fascinated and interested by the music and videos that they release each time, I thought of producing a piece of work that could get me involved in this League of legends music culture. Which brought me to this concept album.  

This album consists of 6 tracks that would represent a single game of league of legends. From the start of the game to the nexus being destroyed. Every part of the game is being conveyed through this album. Subtle or obvious sounds from the game are implemented into some tracks. Structures and timbres of the tracks are intentionally made to fit each situation. At the end of the day, I want to produce a music album so how good it sounds is the top priority.  

Another work that comes in hand with this album is a text score. A production guide/explanation to why things are done the way they sound. A description to show what I'm thinking while producing the tracks. 

Text Score


Track 1 Picking Phase 
Name: Select 

Main Idea:  This track represents the start of the game which is the picking phase. Here players pick their champion while banning champions of their desire. I didn't want the track to have too many changes and have a more repetitive feel to it while still having the structure of an actual song. Players listening to this should be able to easily relate to the ‘Picking phase’ in the game.  

In-game sound effects:
Match Found, Match Accept, 5 bans, Your pick, Any champion Voice Lines, Game start. 

Use percussions that sound similar to the sound you hear while picking a champion. Try to keep the sound repetitive to symbolize a ticking time.  
Champion voice lines are used for vocals that can give tension to the track.  
Introduce the melody that will be played throughout the track. Try not to change the melody too much.   
Needs to feel upbeat and exciting just like how the players are when starting the match. 
The track ends with a ‘game start’ sound effect. 

Track 2 Laning Phase 
Name: Vibe Check 

Main Idea: This track represents the laning phase. Here the players start by walking into their designated lanes. The main focus here should be beating the enemy in CS (creep score). To do this, the players have to focus and last hit every minion as much as possible while the opposing side is trying to deny your CS. This track should be easy to listen to and have a really relaxed feel to it. 

Have percussions and chord progressions that feel very motivational.  
The melody should be flowing and easily listened to.  
Change up the melody a little in the second drop to symbolize unexpected things that can happen while laning. 
Powerful chord stabs can create good tension. 

Track 3 Dragon/Objective Contest  
Name: Another Eden 

Main Idea:
This track represents fights that occur while each side is contesting for an objective in the game. This would be one of the peak points within a game. This track should represent the excitement of fights. Have a creative and interesting use of melody and timbre to show the different situations that can happen while fighting for objectives.  

In-game sound effects: 
Any objective sound effects: Drake, Baron, Rift Herald, Elder Drake 

Here the intro signifies the spawn of Drake. With elemental sound effects that are appropriate and matching to the spawn.  
The piano sounds weird, similar to a fantasy setting timbre. 
Drop has to be intense and exciting to represent fighting and aggression.  
Second drop has to be different  
Have the track be very experimental with sounds.  

Track 4 Team fight 
Name: RUNE 

Main Idea:  
This track represents a big team fight towards the end of the game where winning or losing the fight could cost the game. Here I experienced many different things. Similar to the previous track I wanted to make this exciting and intersecting but even more.  

In-game sound effects: 
Champion Rune Procs 

Make this track very heroic and epic.  
I decided to include two genres with a BPM change for experimentation and excitement.  
Keep energy High and fast.  
Percussions used should be very big and grand.  
Make sure there is a wide dynamic range. Quiet and louds times will represent the pace of the team fight which could be fast or slow/ aggressive or passive. 

Track 5 Defeat 
Name: Time out 

Main Idea:  
The last two tracks are Defeat and Victory. It is not a phase within the game but it is an outcome of the game. With the defeat track I didn't want it to make it sound too sad but rather more relaxing. Since a player shouldn’t be reminded of the sadness of losing. This track is probably the most relaxing out of them all with pianos and synths that are really easy to the ear.  

Don't do anything crazy here. Keep it calm and relaxing 
Add ambient sounds in the background  
Try to keep sounds simple  
I added a sad piano solo in the mid section to keep the structure interesting.  

Track 6 Victory 
Name: Sunbreak 

Main Idea: 
This track represents victory within the game. Since it’s the last track of the album I didn’t want it to make it too upbeat and exciting. I decided to keep it a relaxed drum and bass similar to the previous track. However, the melody does not suggest sadness like the ‘Defeat’ track. This track is more of a calm ending to a battle rather than any grand and big ending. Doing this would end the album in a nice way. 

This track focuses on the melody. Using the melody to convey the feeling of the track. Having a quite uplifting and positive feel to the track. 
An important aspect of the melody is also the feeling of nostalgia. Not necessarily sad but a feeling that would make the player feel an emotional victory.